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This is David's final blog entry for the 2006 production of Titus Andronicus, where he talks about the midnight matinee performance of the show that the company put on this week.

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Midnight Matinee of Titus Andronicus

It was a wonderful and a surreal experience. Maybe it would have been less surreal if we hadn’t had a normal evening show before it. We had a 7.30 show, came down at 10.30, and then we had an hour and a half before we went back up for the midnight performance. Normally, we have a longer gap between a matinee and an evening show, about two and a half hours. It was a strange because during the course of the first performance we knew that wasn’t it for the night, that we then an hour and a half break and then another performance. We couldn’t do anything useful in that hour and a half and we had to get back in costume after an hour.

The show itself was really great. It was a fairly full house and it was quiet as far as external noise is concerned – between midnight and three in the morning there isn’t too much going on. They were a good crowd. We were worried that they might all be drunk, and some of them were well-refreshed, but they were attentive. They gave the show a great reception, particularly at the end.

Our voices were all very tired. Partly that's because by the time you get to two in the morning your body is tired, and if your body gets tired then your voice does. At the end, after we had all got changed, we came down onto the piazza level overlooking St. Paul's and we had breakfast cooked for us by some of the Globe staff and stewards. There were a lot of us; most of the cast and their friends, and various other staff members. We sat and watched the sun come up, had breakfast, until about quarter past five in the morning. It was a really mild night, I didn’t need to put a jumper on. Then I strolled home at about half past five in the morning. It was a great experience, although it left me feeling exhausted for the next couple of days.


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