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"I was brought up by the coast, so I saw the sea every day. It is a very powerful force. I don’t think there’s anything like being near water, it is a beautiful thing. So Emma wanted that heaviness of waves, and what a wave can bring onto the shore and what it can also take to be a metaphor..."

Looking ahead to the Midnight Matinee, Josh discusses the sea, staging and shenanigans with the cast!

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Rona Kelly: This is quite a physical production, there’s a lot of movement.  Can you talk to us a bit about the sea and the importance of the sea and that movement throughout? Because you’re one of those characters who…

Joshua Lacey: …wave on and wave off. Emma [Rice] kind of wanted that stylistic approach to some of the scenes. She didn’t want just a walk on and a walk off. She wanted to get this, because the sea holds so much and she spoke about it in rehearsals. She actually said when she was younger she had a lot of conversations with loved ones, with lovers, with friends, looking out at sea, and how much of an impact that had on her life and it had on her conversations. And because this play is about love and conflicts of interests and people’s hearts and minds, that sea is important.

I was brought up by the coast, right by the coast, so I saw the sea every day. It is a very powerful force. I don’t think there’s anything like being near water, if you live by water, or just going to see the sea, just to smell it, especially living in London. You just go and have that fresh air. It is a beautiful thing. So she wanted that heaviness of waves, and what a wave can bring onto the shore and what it can also take to be a metaphor. And then Malvolio does a little joke about it, what she says about community theatre, because we are all dressed in these whites! And it could probably look a bit BTech!

RK: That’s still in it? Awesome!

JL: Yes! Emma did say, 'You’ve got to really commit, otherwise it will look like a GCSE piece of drama you’re trying to create here!'

RK: That’s a brilliant bit, because Katy Owen [Malvolio] ad-libs quite a bit which is just so much fun.

JL: And they’re all hers.

RK: Are they?

JL: Yes, well she’s a smart girl, you know.

RK: And we’ll finish off with, what’s been your favourite moment so far onstage and what’s been your favourite moment so far offstage?

JL: Onstage? It’s...

RK: You can say it!

JL: Me and George, Le Gateau Chocolat, he’s playing Feste, we do like a bit of a mess around! And whenever anything goes a little bit wrong or we clock something going wrong, all I do [is] we look at each other and we just [go]! I always try and make people laugh anyway, because I think it’s quite fun. You’ve got to; it’s not a serious job. But my problem is I make myself laugh, because I know it's coming. So I just clench my jaw quite a lot and look down and not laugh loud! But the Sister Topas scene is quite a good one, because he ad-libs quite a lot in that and I just can't! I’m giving it shaky shoulders, trying to move this bed around.

And also just a little flirt with the audience members is quite nice. I always look forward to that. That’s the beauty of this place; a cheeky little flirt, there’s nothing wrong with that.  The show is about love, I think we need a bit more love with what’s going on.

And offstage...I don’t really know what goes on. It’s quite chilled offstage. We go up to the Green Room, we watch what’s going on on the screen. We chat, we actually say what’s going to go in the next scene; what George can do to make us laugh in the next scene. We actually plan what’s going to happen.

RK: Prepare yourselves!

JL: Prepare yourselves, yes! That’s about it. There probably will be more shenanigans as the time goes on, but we can leave that until the next podcast, I think.

RK: Great. Well, we’ve got the Midnight Matinee tomorrow. So we will catch up with you a few weeks after that to see how that goes.

JL: Debaucherous, hopefully!

RK: Did you do the Midnight Matinee for Imogen?

JL: No, I’ve never done one.

RK: Oh, awesome.

JL: So it’s going to be quite interesting.

RK: Well, good luck staying awake!

JL: Yes, a lot of black coffee, absolutely!

RK: We’ll catch up after that. And thank you for joining us.

JL: No, thank you, Rona. I really appreciate what we've done. Thank you.

Thanks to Mary for the transcription of this interview.

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