Shakespeare's Globe

"The Globe’s experts are masters of their craft, respectful of others and generous with their knowledge."
James Anderson (2011 Fellow, Australia)

"Performing on that legendary stage alongside talented actors from around the world and under the adept guidance of Globe practitioners, remains the highlight of my life as an actor."
John Emmet Tracy (2011, USA)

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International Actors’ Fellowship  

The International Actors’ Fellowship course will not run in 2018, but we intend to run it in 2019.

Please email us to register your interest in future International Actors’ Fellowships.



The IAF is a professional development opportunity for actors from around the world, who have a desire to share their love and knowledge of Shakespeare with fellow actors from other cultures. The Globe Theatre has always been a vibrant international meeting place, with our 2012 Globe to Globe Festival and the Hamlet Tour helping to expand the Globe’s international family even further. The Actors’ Fellowship helps to reinforce our appetite to learn from each other, by sharing culturally diverse approaches to performing Shakespeare in our ‘Wooden O’. The IAF programme gives participants the opportunity to share their own approaches to Shakespeare and learn from others’.

The Fellowship is a full-time 3-week course which concludes with a showcase performance on the Globe stage to an invited audience. All participants should be keen to work as part of an international company, gain an understanding of how Shakespeare lives in other cultures, work with the Globe’s key practitioners and explore the Globe’s unique architecture. Past participants have not only enjoyed the technical apprenticeship but the chance to live, work and play in London with peers from across the world.

Programme Content

  • A company of up to 24 Acting Fellows work with a Globe director and other theatre practitioners, to gather and exchange detailed practical and theoretical insights into Shakespeare’s stage craft. 
  • The Fellowship Company discovers from their peers how different storytelling cultures use the space in a strong and meaningful way.
  • The Fellows experiment with period performance practices as well as modern techniques, while exploring the architecture of the Globe.
  • In musical and vocal workshops Fellows discover the significant role live sound plays at the Globe, while discovering the building’s unique acoustics.
  • Within the limits of an extremely busy season schedule, Fellows are granted some rare stage time in the Globe, as well as the opportunity to explore the candle lit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. 
  • The theatre will also provide full access to its specialist resources and research, including the practical knowledge gathered by Globe actors over the past decade.
  • Fellows will experience the unique one-on-one coaching of Globe experts, along with a wide range of workshops and talks. 
  • London with its enormous choice of theatre and art venues is the backdrop of this course, providing inspiration and learning opportunities throughout.


At the heart of the programme is a strong desire to celebrate the meaning of Shakespeare across cultures, and for those who take part to go on to share their experiences with others once the programme is over.

A good command of basic written and spoken English is essential, to enable an open communication within the ensemble. Professional experience of playing Shakespeare and a familiarity with his key works are desirable.


Tuition for the 3-week 2015 Fellowship was GBP 2500 (including all administration costs).

Participants are individually responsible for accommodation and living expenses. 

The Fellowship is not a commercial programme and is unfunded in the UK. The Shakespeare Globe Trust will however support the participants’ funding applications in their own countries with support statements and documentation where necessary.