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Architecture Research Group

The Architecture Research Group (ARG) was established to conduct or commission research into Elizabethan playhouse architecture. ARG then advise the board of the Shakespeare Globe Trust about developing the Globe theatre space in accordance with new research.

Globe architect, Jon Greenfield, explains, 'The Globe was built as an experiment to investigate the lost open-air playhouse form of drama in all its aspects. It is vital that there is a continual process of re-assessment, that all the judgments made during construction are re-evaluated when new evidence or new interpretations surface, and even that the old arguments, so hotly debated before construction, are continually re-rehearsed.'

The ARG is currently researching three projects:

  • The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at Shakespeare’s Globe
  • The interior decorative scheme at the reconstructed Globe
  • The continued development of the "lower gallery" at the reconstructed Globe

The Architecture Research Group meet three times a year. If you are a scholar or PhD student researching Elizabethan playhouse architecture and would like to contribute to the research life at Shakespeare's Globe, please contact us by email.