Week 6 is the final week of the blog. This week we feature Charlie from our Development team, he works with Deutsche Bank who make the magic of Playing Shakespeare possible. We also hear from Emily who helped to create this mini Macbeth microsite and her journey from theatre lover to Web Assistant.

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As always when the project draws to a close, we cannot wait for next year – remember book and book early!

I am Charlie, the Partnerships Coordinator working in our development team here at Shakespeare’s Globe – I work closely with Deutsche Bank; managing our partnership, reporting on activities, figures, performances, and hopefully raising a little money! Like many who work in theatre offices across the country I have fallen into my role at the Globe, having started with acting and performing. Theatre has always excited me: that’s what got me here and that’s what keeps me here!

Working closely with our contacts at Deutsche Bank, we are in constant conversation regarding the ever growing and expanding reach of the project. Updates with the Bank have become almost joyous – an opportunity to share all the incredible work the project does; from widening access for BSL and visually impaired patrons, to hearing the incredible feedback from student and teachers partaking in workshops and CPDs.

In recent weeks, I have been working on our Thought Leadership Event panel discussion, which provides a commentary on key themes emanating from the play. This year we looked at how drama and theatre can support mental health. The panel featured wellbeing leads from schools, Deutsche Bank and the CEO of Mind, and produced a fascinating conversation which was both relevant and insightful.

As always when the project draws to a close, we cannot wait for next year – remember book and book early!


This map shows the 14 year reach of Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank. Can you spot on the map where your school is?



Image of The Globe on a tablet

From websites to streaming plays the world of digital theatre is ever-expanding. By the time you leave school for work you might be doing a job which doesn’t even exist yet!

No job will land on your doorstep, you have to take chances, follow where your passion takes you and keep positive!

Hello, my name is Emily and I am a Website Content Assistant here at The Globe.

One of the biggest projects I have been working these past couple of months is actually this website. This dedicated Macbeth microsite has been built by myself and other web teams members, with support from the artwork designers, marketing team, learn team and an external team who build the functionality to make the website work. As you can see it takes many people who all work together to make this happen!

Other things I do as a web assistant include maintaining and adding content to, helping customers who use our Shakespeare streaming service and supporting the digital team with filming and social media.

So how did I end up here? I have known since my GCSE’s that I have wanted to work for a theatre. My love of theatre started in my drama classes and really took off when I went to see a production of Wicked. I knew then that I wanted to be a part of this world. At that time I never knew I would be a part of the digital team here at Shakespeare’s Globe.

I decided to study English and Drama at Queen Mary University in London, and while I was there, I started volunteering a steward for the shows at The Globe. I loved getting to see the shows and chat with the audience, while getting an insight into what it took to keep the building operating. When a job came up in the exhibition and tours team I rushed to apply, and used the skills that I learnt in stewarding as well as other part-time jobs that I had to be hired. After a couple of years in that team, it was time to learn some new skills and try something different. I applied for a few different internal roles at the Globe, the shop, press team, volunteer team and I reluctantly applied to be the web assistant thinking that they would never hire me, as I didn’t have a digital background. To my surprise, they gave me a chance and said that my enthusiasm to learn and positive attitude is what got me the job! I learnt that you do not have to be the expert on something to do it (hardly anyone who does that job is one anyway), but having a willingness to learn and support a team can get you far!

No job will land on your doorstep, you have to take chances, follow where your passion takes you and keep positive! Also you will have lots of not so fun or glamorous jobs to start with but that’s really important too- because when you do find a place where you love working it will seem all the more special!