Discounted Workshops In Your School

Macbeth – Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank

Independent schools, schools outside London and Birmingham, and primary schools (year 6)

Please use this form to request workshops for Macbeth in your school.

(If you would like to book a workshop to take place at Shakespeare’s Globe on the day of your visit, find out more.)

Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank Paid Workshop Booking Form

Independent schools, schools outside London and Birmingham, and primary schools (year 6).
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  • Workshop Details

    Workshops last for one hour per group. There can be a maximum of 35 students in each group and you can request up to 5 discounted workshops per school. Workshops will be charged for at the following rates:
    1 x 60 min session = £200
    2 x 60 min session = £270
    3 x 60 min session = £340
    4 x 60 min session = £410
    5 x 60 min session = £480

    Outside the M25, travel and accommodation costs (where applicable) will be added.

    All workshops must take place on the same day, and the students in the workshop must be the students coming to see the production in March.

    Please note that the workshops must take place before the students come to see the production.

    Teachers must be an active presence in all workshop sessions; Globe Education Practitioners are not responsible for behaviour management and will discontinue a workshop if a teacher is not present.
  • Workshop Timetable:

    Please allow 10 minutes turnaround between workshops. If workshops run for a full day, a lunch break of 1 hour must be scheduled
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  • Workshop 2:

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  • Workshop 3:

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  • Are your students operating in bubbles, do you have a maximum number of students allowed in a group etc.?

    If an outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) is subsequently identified in the locale in which your session is due to take place and local restrictions and/or government-mandated school closures imposed, then we would work with you to postpone the session to a later date once the relevant restrictions have been relaxed, or find you a suitable alternative such as online delivery