Secondary: Transition Project

Suitable for:  Transition between key stage 2 (year 6) to key stage 3 (year 7)


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‘It was an inspired idea, it helps the new Year 7s to bond and to feel proud and confident.’
– Parent of Year 7 Pupil

Moving between schools can be a worrying time for pupils and their parents. The project aims to support the transition from Year 6 for the Year 7 students and their English teachers as they begin the new school.  We use the power of Shakespeare’s stories to explore themes of change, friendship and leaving a safe environment for an unknown one. The cohort of new year 7 pupils work towards a performance, often promenade, of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the autumn term for parents and families. By working together, pupils make new friends and get to know their new school and teachers through the collaborative performing of Shakespeare.

Information for your visit

All workshops can be tailored to cater for a range of Special Educational Needs and requirements. Detailed information can be found in our FAQs.

Please also read our FAQs for site specific information (directions, on-site food and beverage provisions etc).

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Location and costs

The project takes place at the receiving secondary school, with the option of one CPD taking place at Shakespeare’s Globe.

  • Storytelling on the summer ‘taster’ day for the current year 6 (incoming year 7)
  • CPD for year 7 English teachers, with year 6 teachers from feeder primaries also invited to attend:
    • First CPD can be held at Shakespeare’s Globe and include a guided visit to the theatre, if you would prefer
    • Second (and any subsequent CPDs) would be held within your school
  • In-school workshops in the autumn term for each year 7 English class
  • Rehearsals would take place within year 7 English lessons
  • Parent workshops can also be held at school
  • Performance would be held within the school

Due to the bespoke nature of the project, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide a quotation for you based around these.

Key activities

  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream Storytelling for outgoing year 6
  • Teacher CPDs on putting on a Shakespeare performance
  • In-school workshops for the new year 7
  • Rehearsals during English lessons (led by year 7 English teachers)
  • Optional parent workshops
  • Dress-rehearsal support

Please note: we can tailor the project to the schools’ requirements. For example, we can vary the number of in-school workshops and CPDs.

Available texts

This project is based around A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Curriculum links

For students

For teachers

  • Develops literacy skills: reading challenging texts with good understanding; acquiring a wide vocabulary
  • Develops oracy skills: developing confidence in the art of speaking and listening; using discussion in order to learn; being able to elaborate and explain their ideas
  • Enables all learners to participate in and gain knowledge, skills and understanding associated with drama.
  • Supports learners to adopt, create and sustain a range of roles, and respond appropriately to others in role.
  • Support learners to prepare their ideas before they write
  • Uses the themes of the play to promote social and emotional development
  • Develops a greater appreciation of our rich and varied literary heritage
  • Builds understanding of Shakespeare’s language and craft
  • Encourages active approaches to Shakespeare
  • Builds knowledge of the social and historical context of Shakespeare and his contemporaries
  • Supports dialogue between teachers on how to best make the link between the Year 6 and 7 English curriculum

Dates and times

The project is designed to begin at the end of summer term, on your school’s ‘taster’ day for the new year 7 cohort. The project culminates with a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the autumn term. We will arrange the individual sessions (Storytelling, CPD and workshops) based around your school timetable, subject to availability.


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