The gender pay gap is the percentage difference between average hourly earnings for men and women

Shakespeare’s Globe Gender Pay Gap for the 5 April 2020 

We note the extraordinary circumstances brought about by the current Pandemic, affecting not just the Creative and Cultural sector but all sectors of the wider economy in addition to the severe impact the health and well-being of our staff and patrons. 

We publish four pieces of information annually on our website and on the Government’s gender pay gap service:  

  • Genderpay gap (mean and median averages)  
  • Gender bonus gap (mean and median averages) 
  • Proportion of men and women receiving bonuses 
  • Proportion of men and women in each quartile of the organisation’s pay structure 

For the purposes of this report, we refer to staff in terms of ‘men and women.’ When reporting data as outlined in the legislation we refer to ‘male and female’. We acknowledge that gender is self-defined and not binary.  


Shakespeare’s Globe Workforce Profile  

Our workforce consists of full time and part time, casual and freelance workers whose pay structures and pay rates vary. The Gender Pay Gap was calculated using each individual’s equivalent hourly pay rate in order to be able to compare data on a like for like basis.  


Covid Job Retention Scheme  

The 2020 data was generated during an International pandemic with the Covid Job Retention Scheme being utilised by the Globe with up to 85% of staff furloughed for much of 2020 although beyond the 2020 snapshot date.  


The Data 

Included in the 2020 survey are 357 staff:  138 men and 219 women. 

Included in the 2019 data there were 354 staff: 141 men and 213 women  


Mean Gender Pay Gap 2020 +9%  

(2019: +17.1% 2018: +10.1%; 2017: +16%)  

This means that the mean average earnings of men is 9% higher than the mean average earnings of women, irrespective of their role or seniority. This is calculated by taking all of the individual pay rates of men and all of the individual pay rates of women and then taking the mean average difference.  


Median Gender Pay Gap 2020 +10%   

(2019: +9.9%; 2018: +6.6%; 2017: +7%)  

The median is the figure that falls in the middle of a range when all individual wage rates are listed in order from lowest to highest. The result means that the midpoint when looking at all the individual pay rates of men at Shakespeare’s Globe is 10% higher than the midpoint of women’s individual pay rates when listed from lowest to highest.  


Gender Bonus Gap  

Shakespeare’s Globe does not have a bonus scheme so we do not report on bonus payments related to gender.  



We continue to strive for greater pay parity and we are pleased to note that the trend over the four years of statutory reporting is downward. The Globe recognises it still has work to do.  

We continue to review starting salaries for new and replacement roles and have implemented new approaches to recruitment, internal development and mobility across functions.  


2021 Gender Pay Gap report  

We intend to publish the statutory Gender Pay Gap for 2021 in early 2022 although will publish internally before the end of this year.