Shakespeare's Globe

Visiting with families and children

Visiting with families & children

Are children welcome to attend performances at the Globe?

Children and families are very welcome at Shakespeare’s Globe. A ticket is required for anyone aged three and over. If, for whatever reason, we recommend that any of our productions might not be suitable for children, we will endeavour to make this information clear as early as possible.Please note that any child or group disturbing a show or other patrons may be asked to leave or step out for a break.

The theatre tour is the ideal place in which to introduce children to Shakespeare. 

Do you offer concession tickets?

Concession tickets are available for under 18’s (with valid ID); they receive a £3 discount on all seated tickets. 

How do I know if a performance is suitable for my family?

The suitability of a show is up to the parents’ discretion, however where possible we will suggest age guidance. 

Does it matter where we sit?

In the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, young children may find visibility from the Upper Galleries difficult. Booster cushions are not available in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. Standing positions in the Upper Gallery are completely obscured if under 4ft due to balustrade.

Please bear in mind that for Groundling tickets in the Yard, children will need to stand for duration of the performance. If seated, cushions can be rented in the outdoor Globe Theatre.

Can I bring my pushchair/ buggy/ baby carrier to the theatre?

We do not allow pushchairs, baby carriers or buggies into either theatre space, and we do not have storage facilities. 


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