Macduff is a loyal thane in Duncan’s service. Unlike the treasonous Macbeth, Macduff is completely loyal to Duncan and his son Malcolm. He discovers Duncan’s body, and he soon becomes suspicious of Macbeth.

Fearing Macbeth’s vengeance, he flees to England to support Malcolm in his assault on Macbeth. However, this leaves his castle, wife and children undefended, and Macbeth has Macduff’s family killed. This spurs on his anger and desire to restore Scotland. Macduff is finally able to kill Macbeth as he was, as the witches’ prophecy stated, “from his mother’s womb untimely ripped”.


I am not treacherous

— Act IV, scene 3

Need to know

• Married to Lady Macduff

• Discovers the dead body of Duncan

• Allies himself with Malcolm

• Kills Macbeth in battle

• A relation of Ross

Key quote

I have no words; My voice is in my sword

— Act IV, scene 8

Also called

The good Macduff
— Act II, scene 4

Sinful Macduff! 
— Act IV, scene 3

Child of integrity
— Act IV, scene 3


Thane of Fife
— Act IV, scene 1