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Our promise to the children, families and adults at risk who use our services:

  • We aim to provide all children and young people who visit our premises and use our services with a safe, enjoyable and stimulating experience while ensuring that, as far as possible, they are properly safeguarded.
  • We recognise all children, regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation, or gender identity, have an equal right to protection from abuse or neglect.
  • We recognise that some of the adults who use our services are vulnerable to abuse and neglect in the same way. We are determined to provide this group with a safe and stimulating experience at Shakespeare’s Globe.
  • We will ensure the rights of young people and adults at risk to be safe.

Safeguarding young persons and adults at risk is the responsibility of everybody but our Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for ensuring our safeguarding policy and procedures are current, relevant and adhered to. The Board will select at least one Trustee to act as Safeguarding Champion who has primary oversight of safeguarding matters.

We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for everyone who comes into contact with the Globe, especially young persons and adults at risks including by recruiting safely, maintaining oversight and equipping staff and volunteers with the necessary tools and skills. To do this:

    • We undertake a rigorous and thorough recruitment process, including pre-employment checks.
    • We require staff in identified roles to complete compulsory DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) disclosures and have processes in place to ensure rechecks are completed as appropriate.
    • We provide effective management and support for staff and volunteers through supervision and training.
    • We have a clear and well-known process in place for responding to safeguarding concerns, and we deal with matters sensitively, sharing only with the agencies and people who need to know, and involving families or carers as appropriate.
    • Our Trustees maintain oversight.

Read our full safeguarding policy

We will keep our policy and practice up to date by reviewing it annually.

This policy was last reviewed in November 2022.

Signed: Niki Cornwell | Chief Finance & Operations Officer | (Safeguarding lead)