In Week 1 Jadzia takes us through her journey beginning as an Apprentice and now being part of the Digital team.

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That’s why I am writing to you, to show you that in the wondrous world which is the arts there are more jobs then you’d ever expect there to be. 

Hello! I am the Digital Officer. I work within the digital team and we work on the website, create video content and create emails as well as look after our various social media accounts. Day-to-day I focus on the website alongside my team, we create all the pages you see on this micro-site and shakespearesglobe.com.


You might be wondering how I came across my job? I was previously working in a different department for a year where I was doing something completely different. I was one of 4 apprentices working with education as the Operations Apprentice and I was in charge of room bookings for the whole organisation, as well as organising various operational things within the building. I was lucky enough to get a job after the apprentice job was finished in communications as a part of the digital team as the role I am currently in now. 

The role I am currently in is a content officer, and so that entails me working on this website. There are several meetings that happen to make sure playing Shakespeare is the best project for everyone involved. Along with the web team we create, add content, and collate assets to add to every page on this website within a website. Each year one of these websites are made and I was able to assist in the creation of last years microsite.

This wonderful project is a lot of hard work and there are several meetings that happen prior to even the cast being hired or even the play being chosen. I was a part of various meetings, and there were loads of meetings about what content will be going on to the website, what we will need to do, what content is going where and what is our main focus of the microsite. This year we wanted to focus on getting more teaching resources and making the microsite as a whole to be more personable but educational at the same time. Thats why I am writing to you, to show you that in the wondrous world which is the arts there are more jobs than you’d ever expect there to be.