A group of actors bust onto the stage through doors, they are all dressed in bright colours and drag a blue wheelie bin which an actor sits on top of


Believing in the power of education

Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank sits within Deutsche Bank’s global youth engagement programme, Born to Be.

In the UK, pupils are required to study a minimum of two Shakespeare plays between the ages of 11-16. Through its performances and online learning resources, Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank supports the teaching of the national curriculum for those who are preparing for their GCSE and A-Level studies, and aims to inspire and culturally enrich young people.

Born to Be aims to help young people prepare for the future and unlock their potential. Reaching over 58,000 young people each year, the programme’s goals include building young people’s skills for 21st century employment and improving social mobility in the UK.

A large proportion of careers require an understanding of language and great communication skills. Achieving a good grade in English GCSE gives young people access to opportunities and choices in future life. Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank is proven to support young people in building these key skills to help them follow their chosen path.

What part does Deutsche Bank play?

Since the first performance in 2007, 200,000 young people have attended a free Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank performance at the Globe, with thousands more having received discounted tickets. But the partnership goes beyond just the performances; with tailored in-school workshops, teacher training and this year’s new Globe player enabling more young people to see a performance, we are hugely proud of our award winning partnership with Shakespeare’s Globe.

The 17-year partnership between Deutsche Bank and Shakespeare’s Globe has always been more than a donation; our two teams work closely together to innovate the project, increasing the learning experience for young people and teachers. Employee involvement is central to the bank’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. Thousands of employees have purchased tickets to attend performances bringing their family and friends to see the outstanding work of Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank and to enable thousands more young people to see a production for free.

Find out more about Born to Be including other education projects such as Pathways to Banking and Finance, Design Ventura and Student to Stemette at db.com/uk/borntobe.