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Helena, a young Athenian woman who is in love with Demetrius, a man I have a history with. However, Demetrius is in love with my friend Hermia and so scorns my affections towards him. I am envious of Hermia and the love Demetrius has for her and so I continue to pursue him, even following him into the forest.

I have little self confidence and therefore when both Lysander and Demetrius show their affection for me, I believe they are just mocking me and I blame Hermia for this sudden change of circumstance. Fortunately, Lysander gets his senses back and I am left with the love of Demetrius which I have so long desired.

Relationship status

In love with Demetrius


I see you all are bent/to set against me for your merriment

— Act 3, scene 2


Hermia and Lysander

Also called

fair Helena
— Act I, scene 1

sweet playfellow
— Act I, scene 1

— Act 2, scene 1

a sweet Athenian lady
— Act 2, scene 1


Doting on Demetrius