An actor looks to the camera, she wears a green cardigan

Hermia, a young Athenian woman who is in love with Lysander. My father is unhappy with this match though and wants me to marry Demetrius. Theseus tells me that unless I abide by my father’s will, and marry the favoured Demetrius, then I must live the life of a nun. Unhappy with this conclusion, I agree to elope with Lysander into the forest.

I am in love with Lysander but still wish to remain chaste until I am wed to him. I later become confused at Lysander’s sudden change of heart in preference of Helena and I fight with her over his love. Fortunately, when morning comes, Lysander heart is restored back to me.


‘Little’ again? Nothing but ‘low’ and ‘little’

— Act III , scene 2

Relationship status

Loves Lysander


Helena & Hermia

Also called

fair Hermia
— Act I, scene 1

sweet Hermia
— Act I, scene 1

beauteous Hermia
— Act I, scene 1

gentle Hermia
— Act I, scene 1


Freedom of choice