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Lysander, an Athenian man who is in love with Hermia. However, I have a rival in this love, Demetrius, who is the favoured match of Hermia’s father, Egeus. Egeus complains about me and the bad influence I have on his daughter but, determined to keep my love, I ask Hermia to elope into the forest with me.

I am a passionate man and I am therefore unreserved in my affections towards Hermia but, when I awake from my sleep, I fall passionately in love with another woman, Helena. I now loathe the sight of Hermia and fight with my rival Demetrius over the love of Helena rather than Hermia. Fortunately, at the end of the play, I fall back in love with my true love Hermia.

Relationship status

Loves Hermia, then Helena, then Hermia


I The course of love never did run smooth

— Act I, scene 2


Helena & Hermia

Also called

Scornful Lysander
— Act I, scene 1

good Lysander
— Act I, scene 1

gentle friend
— Act 2, scene 2


Being rebellious & forbidden love