Oberon, the King of the Fairies. I am angry with my Queen, Titania, because she will not give me the changeling boy that I so desire. I therefore devise a plan to steal the boy and I ask my servant Puck to fetch a love potion so that Titania will fall in love with a beast.

I also see an Athenian man arguing with an Athenian woman in the forest and so I plan to use this potion on him too, in the hope that he will fall in love with her. However, Puck puts the potion in the wrong Athenian’s eyes causing mayhem, much to my dismay. I am able to amend his errors though and with the changeling boy now in my care, I also end the spell on Titania.

Relationship status

In love with Titania


Think no more of this night’s accidents/ but be a the fierce vexation of a dream

— Act 4, scene 1



Also called

The King
— Act 2, scene 1

jealous Oberon
— Act 2, scene 1

King of Shadows
— Act 3, scene 2


The changeling boy