An actor looks to the camera, she wears gold earrings and a blue sweatshirt

Snout, a tinker and also an actor in a play for the Duke’s wedding. I play the wall in our play. One day when we are rehearsing our friend Bottom is changed and we all run in fear.

We fear for the fate of the play but Bottom returns to us in time and we carry on. If you happen to be there fear not the lion as a prologue will state tis not a real lion.

Relationship status



Will not the ladies be afeard of the lion?

— Act III, scene 1

Key quote

Thus have I, Wall, my part discharged so;
And, being done, thus Wall away doth go.

— Act V, scene 1

Also called

Tom Snout, the tinker.
— Act I, scene 2

a wall
— Act V, scene 1


Making sure the audience is not afeard