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'At The Globe we will always choose to look outwards'


Northern Broadsides


Associate Companies

Emma Rice, Artistic Director Designate, welcomes three new Associate Companies to the Globe:

I have always valued community. In the theatre the audience and actors form a temporary community, in the rehearsal room artists build strong and sometimes lifelong bonds, and in the wider world, a community of 'fellow adventurers' often find themselves colliding surprisingly across the planet. These ‘fellow adventurers' remind us that we are not alone and that we are part of an national and international theatre landscape. At The Globe we will always choose to look outwards and, in the spirit of this outward gaze, I have asked three companies to become Associate Companies:

Kneehigh of Cornwall, Northern Broadsides of Halifax and Vesturport of Reykjavik. These three companies represent our commitment to, and support of, the amazing work of our national and International colleagues.

I look forward to working with all of these companies over the coming years and welcoming them to Shakespeare’s Globe. We will explore new models of partnership, support each other’s artistic ambitions and create a new community!