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A Chaste Maid in Cheapside [1997]

Written by: Thomas Middleton
Directed by: Malcolm McKay

Cheapside, London; Early 17th century.

Under the Lenten laws, the buying and seeling of all flesh is forbidden. The avaricious goldmsith, Yellowhammer and his wife, Maudlin, plan to marry thier daughter, Moll, the the decadent knight, Sir Walter Whorehound and thier son Tim to the knight's supposed Welsh cousin. However, Moll is in love with Touchwood Junior and Tim seems too naive to wed the Welsh gentlewoman.

Sir Walter, meanwhile, has secretly sired six children by the wife of Jack Allwit, who is very happy to earn an easy living from the knight. Mistress Allwit is about to give birth to her seventh child. Sir Walter's cousin, Sir Oliver Kix, is unable to have children. The cousin knights are competing for an inheritance that will pass to the first child, born within marriage, that either manages to produce. Promiscuous Touchwood Senior, elder brother of Moll Yellowhammer's suitor, to made aware of the Kix's situation and offers them a remedy - at great expense - that he guarantees will end their childless plight... 


  • Designer Jenny Tiramani
  • Composer Claire van Campen
  • Fight Director Terry King


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