Shakespeare's Globe

All's Well That Ends Well [2012]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Sunil Shanbag
Adapted by: Mihir Buhta

Part of the 2012 Globe to Globe Festival.

Performed in Gujarati by Arpana, from Mumbai, India.

Arpana mix live music, dance and acting in the style of the Bhangwadi theatre that originally catered for an audience of daily wage labourers in the 19th century. Since 1985 the company has staged many productions in Mumbai and across India, in a range of spaces including school yards, restaurants and public gardens. This bittersweet comedy will be their first production in the UK.


Heli cures merchant prince Gokuldas Gandhi of a crippling disease and asks for Bharatram’s hand in return. He flees to Rangoon, spurning his marriage to Heli which comes in the way of his dreams of trade and wealth. Following her husband to where he pursues a new mistress, she resolves to trick him into loving her.

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  • Designer Nayantara Kotian
  • Costumes Maxima Basu
  • Choreography Purva Naresh
  • Musician Sada Mulik
  • Musician Vinod Padge
  • Musician Jayesh Dhargalkar
  • Music by Uday Mazumdar

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