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Dido, Queen of Carthage [2003]

Written by: Christopher Marlowe
Directed by: Tim Carroll

In the wake of a change of regime in Troy, the Gods are busy re-establishing order among their human subjects. Concerned for the well-being of Aeneas and his men, who are shipwrecked and beseiged at seas by storms after fleeing Troy, Aeneas' mother Venus persuades Jupiter to give the sufferers some respite. With his fellow survivors, Aeneas arrives on the strange African coast of Carthage.

Haunted by the treachery and misery of the Trojans' defeat, he is greeted by the beautiful Queen Dido. At the contrivance of Venus and her son Cupid, Dido and Aeneas begin a passionate romance.

Marlowe's rare and poetics play, drawn from Virgil's Aeneid, explores the themes of exile, fortune and divine love in one of the world's classic love stories.


  • Master of Design Laura Hopkins
  • Master of Music Claire van Kampen
  • Master of Dance Sian Williams
  • Master of the Words Giles Block
  • Master of Movement Glynn MacDonald
  • Master of Voice Stewart Pearce

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