Shakespeare's Globe

Imogen [2016]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Matthew Dunster

London. 2016. A strange and unsettled time – where men and the violence of gangs rules the streets.

In a dangerous world we hear a new voice – Imogen’s.

Suffocated by her father's aggression – her man kicked out of town, her life under threat, poisoned by the drugs of her step-mother – she strikes out on her own to try and reach the man she loves.

In this thrillingly raw and modern production, created by young Londoners, Shakespeare’s Cymbeline is vividly re-told.

Maddy Hill and Ira Mandela Siobhan featured as part of the Adopt an Actor interview series for this production.


  • Designer Jon Bausor
  • Choreographer Chris Akrill
  • Lighting Designer Lee Curran
  • Sound Designer George Dennis
  • Fight Directors Rachel Bown-Williams and Ruth Cooper-Brown

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