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L'Ormindo [2014]

Written by: Francesco Cavalli
Directed by: Kasper Holten
Translated by: Christopher Cowell

L’Ormindo is a comic and moving tale of the loves and betrayals of princes, its miraculous plot twists spurred on over three acts by the forces of Destiny, Love and Luck.  
Princes Ormindo and Amidas vie for the love of Erisbe, who is unhappily married to the old King Ariadenus. Vowing not to let their rivalry destroy them, they challenge her to choose, but as one love story is plotted, another is unfurled. Amidas’s abandoned ex-lover Sicle, heartbroken by his abandonment, enters the scene. With the help of disguise and her old nurse Eryka, the two set out to thwart Amidas in winning the Queen.

Produced in collaboration with The Royal Opera, Francesco Cavalli’s opera L’Ormindo was first staged in Venice in 1644 at the Teatro San Cassiano. The intimate nature of the work performed by nine singers and an orchestra of eight in the intimacy of the theatre provided a rare experience of Baroque opera, and a level of authenticity that was richly revealing as well as rewarding.


  • Libretto Giovanni Faustini
  • Conductor Christian Curnyn
  • Costume Designer Anja Vang Kragh
  • Choreographer Signe Fabricius
  • Orchestra Orchestra of the Early Opera Company

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