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Much Ado About Nothing [2014]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Max Webster

Claudio loves Hero and Hero Claudio and nothing seems capable of keeping them apart. Claudio’s friend Benedick loves Beatrice and Beatrice Benedick, but (because neither will admit it) nothing seems capable of bringing them together. Only the intrigues of a resentful prince force Benedick to prove his love for Beatrice – by killing his best friend.

Driven along by a romance all the more charming for being in denial, Much Ado About Nothing is a miracle of comic and dramatic suspense and gives us, in the bantering Beatrice and Benedick, one of Shakespeare’s wittiest, most lovable pair of lovers.

Simon Bubb and Emma Pallant featured as part of the Adopt an Actor interview series for this production.


  • Designed by James Cotterill
  • Composed by John Barber


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