Shakespeare's Globe

Playing Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet [2013]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Bill Buckhurst

A violent street brawl between their rival families is the prelude to Romeo’s first encounter with Juliet. Despite this, and the fact that Juliet has been promised to another man in marriage, they fall in love. But any plans for their future happiness are cruelly destroyed by renewed violence between the two families – and while the adults remain almost comically preoccupied with their own affairs, among their children a hidden tragedy begins to unfold.

With its wonderful combination of lyricism, suspense and dramatic changes of mood, Shakespeare’s heartbreaking tale is one of the greatest of all love stories.

Romeo & Juliet was performed as part of the 2013 Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank project.


  • Composer Alex Silverman
  • Choreographer Georgina Lamb


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