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Richard III [2013]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Tim Carroll

Richard, Duke of Gloucester is determined that he should wear the crown of England. He has already dispatched one king and that king’s son; now all that stands in his way are two credulous brothers and two helpless nephews – the Princes in the Tower. And woe betide those – the women he wrongs, the henchmen he betrays – who dare to raise a voice against him. Monstrous, but theatrically electric, Richard is Shakespeare’s most charismatic, self-delighting villain, reveling at every moment in his homicidal, hypocritical journey to absolute power.

Originally performed at the Globe in 2012, this production transferred to Broadway for 16 weeks.

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An all-male Original Practices production, Richard III explored clothing, music, dance and settings possible in around 1593.


  • Designer Jenny Tiramani
  • Music Claire van Kampen


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