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The Broken Heart [2015]

Written by: John Ford
Directed by: Caroline Steinbeis

The lifeless trunk shall wed the broken heart.

The scene is ancient Sparta and the loving couple Penthea and Orgilus are forced apart by her brother and Penthea is pressed into a loveless marriage with a brutal and jealous old man.  Orgilus, disguised as a poor scholar, watches, waits, and as events unfold, unleashes a terrible cycle of revenge.

Ford’s very modern fascination with psychology and mental extremes are found everywhere in this brilliantly nuanced story of an exalted love struggling to exist in a world of selfishness, jealousy and tawdry court politics.

Sarah MacRae and Brian Ferguson featured as part of the Adopt an Actor podcast series for this production.


  • Designed by Max Jones
  • Composed by Simon Slater
  • Choreographed by Imogen Knight


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