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The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk [2016]

Written by: Daniel Jamieson
Directed by: Emma Rice

Perhaps you’ve seen them floating over a Russian village? Or perhaps you’ve seen her toppling forward, arms full of wild flowers, as he arches above her head and steals a kiss?

Meet Marc and Bella Chagall – The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk! Partners in life and on canvas, Marc and Bella are immortalised as the picture of romance. But whilst on canvas they flew, in life they walked through some of the most devastating times in history.

Presented by Kneehigh and Bristol Old Vic, this production of The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk also toured the UK in 2016.


  • Composer & Music Director Ian Ross
  • Designer Sophia Clist
  • Lighting Designer Malcolm Rippeth
  • Sound Designer Simon Baker
  • Choreographer Emma Rice
  • Choreographer Etta Murfitt

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