Shakespeare's Globe

The Inn at Lydda [2016]

Written by: John Wolfson
Directed by: Andy Jordan

The Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar, mortally ill, hears of the existence of a healer in Jerusalem who goes by the name of Jesus. Tiberius sets sail for the Holy Land in order to be healed by this apparently miraculous man. However, pausing at the city of Lydda, he learns that Jesus has been crucified three days earlier.

Tiberius is devastated – but his world is soon turned on its head when he has the most remarkable meeting...

John Wolfson is Honorary Curator of Rare Books for Shakespeare’s Globe, a playwright, and author of William Shakespeare and the Short Story Collections.

Having opened the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in 2014, the Globe is now actively planning its very own library and archive on site, on London’s Bankside. John has generously agreed to bequeath to the Globe an important collection of rare and valuable volumes, including a First Folio and Quarto editions. Having these texts will cement the Globe’s reputation as the first point of reference for teaching, research and interpretation of Shakespeare in performance.


  • Designed by Anthony Lamble
  • Composed by Nick Powell
  • Choreographer Siân Williams
  • Associate Costume Designer Kat Smith
  • Fight Director Kevin McCurdy
  • Magic Consultant John Bulleid

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