Shakespeare's Globe

The Little Matchgirl [2016]

Written by: Hans Christian Andersen
Directed by: Emma Rice
Adapted by: Joel Horwood & Emma Rice

As our destitute heroine struggles to survive, she strikes her matches to keep warm. Each match will conjure a new story, a new vision, and we will hold her hand as we tumble down the rabbit hole with her.

Inspired by the beautiful and devastatingly sad Hans Christian Andersen ‘wonder’ tale, The Little Matchgirl, and combining Andersen's other tales, The Princess and the PeaThe Emperor's New Clothes and ThumbelinaThe Little Matchgirl and Other Happier Tales reveals a spellbinding world of magic and mystery. Steeped in the metaphor and meaning that runs through the veins of Andersen’s enduring stories, this will be a night to delight, transport and surprise.

For adults and brave children alike, expect music, puppetry, dark magic... and perhaps some modern truths that we would all rather remain hidden.


  • Designer Vicki Mortimer
  • Composer & Additional Lyrics Stephen Warbeck
  • Choreographer Etta Murfitt
  • Puppet Director Sarah Wright
  • Puppet Designer Lyndie Wright

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