Shakespeare's Globe

Titus Andronicus [2012]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Tang Shu-wing
Translated by: Rupert Chan
Adapted by: Tang Shu-wing

Part of the 2012 Globe to Globe Festival.

Performed in Cantonese by Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio, from Hong Kong.

The hybrid culture of Hong Kong informs this production of Shakespeare's grisliest play from the eminent Hong Kong director's outstanding and groundbreaking troupe. Described as the 'alchemist of minimalist theatre', Tang Shu-wing works with simple staging, voice and movement, to release the energies of classic texts. His ensemble has toured Singapore and the US, and the Globe to Globe festival is its first visit to the UK. 


Titus and his sons return to Rome triumphant with their Goth prisoners – Tamora and her sons. When Titus’ daughter Lavinia refuses to marry the new emperor Saturninus, Titus is horrified as Saturninus instead chooses Tamora for his bride. In their new position of power, Tamora and hersons set out to get revenge against Titus for the crimes against the Goths. As the body count rises and the acts of vengeance escalate, Titus is pushed to extreme measures to avenge his family.

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  • Set & Costume Designer Ricky Chan Chi-kuen


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