Shakespeare's Globe

Access Guide

Everything you need to know about your visit to Shakespeare's Globe, including travel information, booking tickets and getting around the site.

Visiting the Exhibition & Tour

  • 2016/Exhibition/New/5


Entrance to Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition and Theatre Tour is on Bankside. There is a ramp down from the riverside walkway and visitors must then cross a cobbled road before reaching the ramped slope to the glass double doors of the entrance. In the Reception area and inside the Exhibition on the left-hand side, there are five steps leading from the entrance and a further two steps to the admissions desk. On the right, there is a curved ramp leading to the admissions desk. The desk is 750mm high. There are steps and a small ramp from the ticket desk to the mezzanine level.

The Exhibition

The Exhibition is situated on two levels and is fully accessible to people using a wheelchair. The route starts clockwise on the mezzanine level, along a wide, level corridor and descends to the lower level via a large, curved, 17 stepped, staircase or by wheelchair-accessible lift. The lift goes from lower level, up to the mezzanine level. The lower level is a large open-plan that follows a curve round.

Theatre Tours

The assembly point for the guided tour of the Globe Theatre is a large tree at the bottom of the staircase where you will be met by your guide. Access to the Theatre as part of the guided tour is provided by a second lift which goes from the Exhibition’s lower level (B1) up to the piazza (G), or by several staircases, totaling 63 steps from the tour assembly point. Staff are positioned throughout the Exhibition to provide assistance.

Access Information

Wheelchair users
All display cases and interactive screens are placed at a low level. There are wheelchair accessible toilets on the mezzanine level, and near the lift on the lower level which includes baby change facilities.

Deaf or hearing impaired people
Full commentaries are displayed on panels and interactive touch screens throughout the Exhibition. Hearing dogs are welcome.

Blind or visually impaired people
There are recorded commentaries on fixed speakers throughout the Exhibition. There is an hour of commentary about all the themes covered in the Exhibition, available to all visitors on portable handsets which have physical buttons to play and pause tracks, and which may be used with headphones that are available on request. Guide dogs are welcome.

Please note to guarantee entry, all groups of 15 or more are required to book in advance.