Shakespeare's Globe

Access Guide

Everything you need to know about your visit to Shakespeare's Globe, including travel information, booking tickets and getting around the site.

Visiting the Sackler Studios

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Sackler Studios are located 500 metres from the Globe main foyer at Bear Gardens. The road leading from the Globe main foyer has a flagstone footpath, although the entrance directly outside the Sackler Studios is flattened cobblestones.


The double doors to the Sackler Studios are currently operated by an electronic pass. This will be changing to a request-call button at a later date. The double doors are 115cm wide and open inwards into the public café area which has a smooth floor. Immediately to the right of the entrance is the reception, with a counter of 75cm.

Lift and Stairs

The lift is located on the ground floor. It is 148cm by 120cm. The lift can only be operated by a member of staff. During public events there will always be a member of staff available to operate the lift. The lift doors open and close automatically, and open outwards. On each floor there are call points to bring the lift to the floor.

There are 4 floors in the Sackler Studios – including the ground floor – all accessible by lift and two sets of stairs.
There are 18 steps from the ground to the first floor; 20 steps from first to second floor and 20 steps from second to third floor.

Refuge points

There are wheelchair refuge points on every floor. On the first floor this is located in the main corridor on the outside wall of the curved studio; on the second floor this is the South staircase stairwell. On the third floor this is located behind a push door within the Rehearsal space. 


There are accessible toilets on the ground, first and second floors. There are no toilet facilities in the rehearsal room on the 3rd floor. The doors of each of the toilets open outwards and are operated by a pull handle at a height of 82cm.

There is a disabled toilet located to the left of the cafe area on the ground floor; it is accessed via a door that opens inwards. Exiting the door is pulled open with a handle at a height of 99am.

Disabled toilets on the first and second floors are located to the left of the lift and stair entrance.

Studio Spaces

All studio doors are operated by an electronic pass. During some public events doors may be unlocked via a remote computer system for easy access.  All studio doors open inwards. Doors are opened from the inside via a green push button, located at a height of 104cm.

The studio on the ground floor has two doors. One is accessed by a shallow downhill ramp and the other has one step down. During certain times, the long interior wall of this studio may be opened to host events within the café. At these times, there is one step between the studio and the café foyer, but the ramp is a permanent fixture and accessible at all times.

On the first floor there is a push door to gain access to the studio area On the second floor there is a pull door to gain access to the studio area.The 3rd floor studio is open-plan and the lift opens directly into the studio. The two stairwells are accessed by a push door. All studio doors are 94cm wide.

Other Spaces

The Green Room and Music Room are on the second floor. There is a short, narrow corridor running between the Green Room and Music Room, lined with lockers on the left hand side. 

Induction Loop

There is an induction loop in all the spaces. Hearing aids should be switched to ‘T’ position. 

Easy Read and Braille Signage

Permanent Easy read and Braille signage will be at installed in the near future.