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The SGC (Shakespeare Globe Zentrum Deutschland) was created in 1991 when Sam Wanamaker saw the Bremer Shakespeare Company's productions of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew and Antony and Cleopatra, both directed by Norbert Kentrup (co-founder of the Bremer Shakespeare Company) in the Globe Theatre in Neuss.

Sam and Norbert immediately recognised each other as kindred spirits and the SGC foundation documents were signed in the same year by the following patrons: His Excellency Dr. Peter Hartmann (Ambassador of Germany in Great Britain), Professor Kurt Hubner (General Artistic Director of the Stadtischen Buhnen Bremen (1962-1973) and the Freien Volksbuhne Berlin (1973-1986)), Dr. Helga Trupel (Senator for Culture and Foreigner's Integration, Bremen), Professor Dr. Jurgen Timm (Rector of University of Bremen), Heinz Abeling (SET Studienkreis England), Norbert Kentrup (Director, Actor and Member of the ISGC artistic board). 

The official registration of the SGC Germany took place in December 2000. With boardmembers like the actor and director Norbert Kentrup, the writer and actress Dagmar Papula, the touristic manager Heinz Abeling (SET) and the scholar Dr. Vanessa Schormann, the SGC Germany is concentrating on promoting the London Globe via theatre, education, research and travel.

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Heinz Abeling
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Shakespeare Globe Zentrum Deutschland 
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Dr. Vanessa Schormann 
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Norbert Kentrup
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Inspired by Professor Robert Weimann (former president of the Shakespeare Globe Association) and his book Shakespeare and the Popular Tradition in the Theatre, Norbert Kentrup, Dagmar Papula and five actors had founded the Bremer Shakespeare Company (BSC) in 1983.

In 1993, the BSC was invited to perform The Merry Wives of Windsor at the Globe in London. It was the first full-length production in the embryonic theatre. Two years later they took part in the Globe's Workshop Season.

In 1998 Norbert Kentrup returned to the Globe - and fulfilling Sam Wanamaker's wish, took the role of Shylock to great acclaim in the Globe Theatre Company's production of The Merchant of Venice.

His experience of playing 64 performances of The Merchant of Venice on the Globe stage was so incisive that he and Dagmar Papula – after the BSC had lost their artistic interest in the Globe principles (eg. the indivisible scene, playing in daylight and to three sides, involving the audience, etc.) – founded a new theatre company, called SHAKESPEARE und PARTNER, in 2001.


The SGC offers workshops, lectures and introductions on Shakespeare and the Globe for pupils, teachers, students, university teachers and the general public.

The SGC works closely with the ISGC in London, helping to make Shakespeare immediate and accessible to the German audience today. The main aim, however, is to examine the Globe principles through the SGC's work in theatre, education and science.

Since 1993 the SGC Germany has organised various projects, eg. The Hamlet Project with students from England, Poland, Denmark and Germany.

Amongst the main activities are the weekend workshops 'Shakespeare on stage and in the classroom' for teachers, students and university teachers in Germany. This has now become an annual event with the Fachhochschule Osnabruck und Theaterpadagogisches Zentrum Lingen each January.

Responsible for the SGC Germany's education programme is Dr. Vanessa Schormann, a freelance dramaturg and lecturer at the drama department, University of Munich.


Dr. Vanessa Schormann recently published the book Shakespeare's Globe: Repliken, Rekonstruktionen und Bespielbarkeit which is so far the only book documenting all the Globe Theatres in the world.

Dr. Schormann not only teaches about the Globe and the usage of its stage. Together with SHAKESPEARE und PARTNER, she continues the research work about playing Shakespeare with the Globe principles, concentrating especially on the involvement and interaction with the audience.

The results are shared on a national and international base with the ISGC London as well as with the SGCs in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. The discussion about cultural differences and experiences plays an important social part, especially in connection with today's globalisation.


The SGC organises regular trips to the various Globe replicas, eg. the three Globe replicas in Germany: Schwabisch Hall, Rust and Neuss. The Globe Neuss (founded in 1991) is famous for its annual International Shakespeare Festival where Shakespeare companies from all over the world come to perform.

The SGC also offers lectures about all the other replicas worldwide.

Connections with Globe Education in London have developed through student trips to London and regular lecture tours to Germany by the Director of Globe Education, Patrick Spottiswoode.

The 'Unser Shakespeare' programme has been tailor-made for German Leistungskurs students (individuals or groups) who have just begun or who are about to start reading a Shakespeare play. It is run in conjunction with Studienkreis England Tours. SET brings over 6,000 students from Germany to the Globe each year.