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Take a look inside the Globe Theatre

Want to learn more? We have an app for that.


Shakespeare's Globe 360 iOS app

Globe 360 being used on an iPad

Packed with interesting facts, videos and photos; the free app allows anyone in the world to explore a virtual version of the world’s most iconic theatre. Users can move around the virtual theatre, zoom in and out and reveal the oak frame. Venture through the oak doors and head inside, where you can explore the theatre as stunning 360-degree images.

Locations include:

  • An actor’s-eye view from the stage itself
  • Backstage in the Tiring-house
  • The Musicians gallery
  • Or simply standing in the Yard

Tilt and move your device to look around. The technology in the app uses the in built camera in your iPhone or iPad. Pointing it at a marker prompts the Globe theatre to appear on your screen. The app is free, and contains an optional in app purchase.

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