How to make the Toksvig's traditional Danish meatballs

  Sandi and Jenifer Toksvig share the recipe for their traditional family Danish meatballs this Christmas

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Sandi Toksvig in the Great British Bake Off. Picture: Channel 4.


Here’s a little Christmas gift from the Toksvig family. It’s the best Danish meatball recipe for Frikadeller, and it comes from the most famous and definitive Danish cookbook Frøken Jensen’s Kogebog with notes as cooked by our Dad, Claus Toksvig.


To serve 4 people


400g minced meat, half pork and half beef (some say pork and veal, but Claus used beef)
2 tsp salt
Finely chopped white onion
400ml milk
2 eggs
A scattering of flour to bind (some use breadcrumbs, but Claus used flour)


Mix everything together using your hands. This is very important, because it wants to feel a little roughly mixed, plus it’s more fun.

Use two dessert spoons to make slightly flattened meatballs. This part is also fun, and you should definitely let the kids help out. (Any kids will do).

Pan fry the meatballs in butter. (Or, if you’re anything like Claus, maybe you could mix in some of that bacon fat you saved from breakfast in the mug sitting by the stove?)

Serve the meatballs hot with any green veg, some sweet red cabbage*, boiled new potatoes, and thick brown gravy.

Alternatively, eat them cold straight out of the fridge at midnight, with some remoulade (piccalilli) washed down with the last of the coffee in the pot. (Maybe do this with some people you love, and light some candles, get hygge, put the world to rights).

*Sandi’s top tip: if you are making your own sweet red cabbage, add a splosh of undiluted blackcurrant cordial to give it a lovely flavor boost.


Glædelig Jul, everyone.
Sandi & Jenifer


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