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From hell to heaven

   Unseen views of the Globe

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A narrow, steep staircase leads down to a basement, with a 'mind your head' sign above it

The stairway to hell, taking you beneath the stage. Mind your head.

Items of wooden staging and barrels are stored in a basement room

Various pieces of theatrical equipment are kept beneath the stage.

A grey electrical box, with lightswitches covered in homemade labels

A board of light switches backstage in the Globe Theatre.

A basement heaving with stage props and costumes

A treasure trove of costumes and props can be found in the belly of the Globe.

A discarded ruff lies in a laundry basket.

A discarded ruff lies in a laundry basket.

Mock marble and bright coloured details of the stage roof

A detail of the ornate decorations found on the roof of the Globe Theatre stage.

A shot of the sky taken from the Globe stage, with the upper circle visible

What you see when you look up in the Globe Theatre.

Black text goes across a wooden beam above a door

Between Heaven and Hell, behind this door, you’ll find the Musician’s Room.

A mirror fixed to the side of a staircase reveals a view of a stage door

A mirror on the ladder to heaven reflects one of the doors onto the stage.

Brightly coloured costumes on mannequins beside technical equipment emitting light

Costumes from the previous season are temporarily being stored in the upper levels of the Globe.

Metals rigs in an attic-like space

At the very top of the Globe Theatre, this pulley system is used to lower actors and props down from the ceiling.



Three actors face the camera smiling


A book lies open on its title page, with an engraving of a picture of a man


  AUTUMN 2020
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