Our theatres are always open online

​ ​  Until we can meet again, the Globe Theatre and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse wait for you in their digital forms

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As we continue to carry on through the most recent lockdown, the third for England since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is no lie that we miss seeing you in our theatres more than ever.

Our spaces aren’t the same without you. Their recently acquired empty atmospheres were captured last year by various photographers, most notably Helen Murray and Marc Brenner, and these photos definitely amplified how much we can’t wait to be back in the world of live performances.

But, this week, we’ve been looking further back than just 2020, thinking about the histories of these two spaces in all of their entireties.

A large space surrounded by tiered seating

Marc Brenner captured our closed Globe Theatre in a series of photographs in 2020.

Yes, the doors have to remain closed right now, but we really want to ensure that these venues stay completely open online for you all.

So, we’ve been busy burrowing in our archive and pulling out some top facts and multimedia for you to access from the comfort of your homes, so you can share in our adoration of the two places we love the most.

An indoor wooden playhouse lit by candles

The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse is our indoor performance space and is modelled on the candlelit theatres of Shakespeare’s London.

We know that, with or without a lockdown, many of you engage with our work without actually visiting us – these new online resources now give you the tools to navigate these venues from afar.

When were our two main theatres built? How did the original Globe burn down? Why do we call it the ‘wooden O’? What is the Playhouse used for today? And who was Sam Wanamaker? Two brand new pages on our website tell you everything you need to know about both the Globe Theatre and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

A digital illustration of a theatre with pink icons that mark important aspects of the venue Watch video

Our free 360 app allows anyone in the world to explore a virtual version of the Globe Theatre.

Discover facts, read articles, watch trailers, purchase films and fill your heads and hearts with lots of Shakespeare’s Globe love (and if you want quizzing afterwards to test your knowledge, you know where we are).

Also, don’t forget that whilst our Guided Tours are on hold, you can not only currently book for Summer 2021 dates, but can also access a virtual 360 degrees tour online from anywhere in the world. This digital tour version is completely free and we ask for your kind donations in return.

Go. Have fun exploring!

And if that isn’t enough for you, our regular blogs, podcasts, teaching resourcesonline events and general social media sharing-ness* should keep you busy.

Until we meet again.

*yes, we make up words – it’s what Shakespeare would have wanted.

A shot directly underneath the Heavens of the Globe Theatre, looking up at a painted blue ceiling with stars, sun, moon and signs of the zodiac

We will be back on our beautiful stage soon. Photographer: Clive Sherlock



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