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Things for your school to do at the Globe this January 2022

  Whether at the Globe, in your school, or online, we have a range of activities to bring Shakespeare to life for your students this Spring term

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With a new year comes new opportunities to delve into the world of Shakespeare, and we’ve got some great ideas to make teaching at school, via a virtual classroom or at home that little bit easier this 2022.

A group of school students stand in the Yard of the Globe Theatre, laughing and smiling.

Our productions help to bring Shakespeare to life for students.

 Stream A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The last two years have been incredibly challenging for schools, teachers and students alike. We’re so pleased to help you bring a piece of the theatre into the classroom. Our 2021 Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is now available to schools around the world, for free. Simply register to access the film, and you’ll receive a confirmation email with further instructions on how to watch. A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be available to watch until Friday 1 April 2022. Be sure to share with colleagues so they can access it in their classrooms too!

Don’t forget to check out our dedicated site, packed full of exciting educational resources on A Midsummer Night’s Dream, including an insightful recording of our Thought Leadership event, where actors discuss the play in more detail.

An actor on stage with a water pistol aims at another actor who stands shocked whilst holding a script

Stream A Midsummer Night’s Dream right into your classroom for free. Photo: Tristram Kenton

 Watch Macbeth at the Globe

This year, our Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank production brings you Shakespeare’s most widely studied work – none other than Macbeth. These productions are specially curated for students and are a fantastic way to bring the magic of Shakespeare to life, in addition to giving your students the gift of live theatre.

State schools in London and Birmingham can apply for tickets, free of cost. If you teach at a state school outside of London and Birmingham, an independent school or are a home educator, you can still apply for subsidised tickets. Demand this year is high, so make sure you apply as soon as possible! As well as the production, we’re also hosting free, two-hour online CPD sessions for teachers.

If you’re unable to make it down to the Globe to watch the production, be sure to check out our educational resources on Macbeth, ranging from character analysis to context and themes.

School children stand by an outdoor stage with excited expressions on their faces, the word Macbeth in white is overlaid on the photo

State schools in London and Birmingham can watch a live production of Macbeth here at the Globe for free.

 Develop your skills with our Continuing Professional Development sessions

Making Shakespeare accessible in the classroom has been a priority at the Globe since 1989. All of our training sessions are designed to prompt deeper questions about Shakespeare and his world, exploring contexts, race, gender and much more. This year we have a range of CPDs with sessions exploring  Shakespeare and Women and Romeo and Juliet.

A group of adults taking part in teacher training

Develop your own skills with our series of CPD teacher training sessions.

 Actively explore Shakespeare’s plays through our Lively Action Workshops

Available for Primary and Secondary Schools, our Lively Action Workshops can be based on any Shakespeare play, and delivered at the Globe, in your school, or online. Students will experience a range of activities and games designed to draw out elements of the plays’ characters and themes, alongside a range of interpretations and language-based activities. For on-site visits, students will also get to experience a Guided Tour of our beautiful Globe Theatre.

‘It was really active and fun. It helped me to understand the language’.

—  Year 10 student

Young children stand in a circle, playing games.

Our interactive workshops bring Shakespeare’s plays to life, and can be delivered at the Globe, in your school, or online.

 Delve into Educational resources for at-home learning

If you need a helping hand with Shakespeare resources to use in your home and virtual classroom, we have some incredible options on offer!

We have a host of free resources on some of Shakespeare’s most popular plays on the syllabus, exploring themes, language and characters, as well as our Teach Shakespeare website full of lesson plans, extracts and more to stimulate growing minds.

A young girl sits at a laptop with bookcases behind her

Explore our free resources online, covering some of Shakespeare’s most popular plays.

 Explore the Globe Theatre virtually

Did you know you can tour our wooden ‘O’ virtually? Walk around the Globe with our virtual tour and 360 iOS app, a free interactive experience with photos, videos and audible delights to guide you along the way. You can also find out everything you need to know about our reconstructed Globe Theatre, which officially opened in 1997, on our dedicated theatre page. For example, the Globe Theatre may look like a circle, but it’s actually an icosagon, a 20 sided polygon!

An aerial shot of the Globe Theatre, looking down at the thatched, mossy circular roof, and white and timber wattle and daub walls.

Walk around the Globe Theatre virtually with our virtual tour.