Our Winter 2021/22 season of love, identity, justice, and revenge comes to an end

   We pay tribute to the incredible artists who have made this an incredible season in our Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

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Winter 2021/22. What an incredible 141 days.

We’ve welcomed over 49,000 people across 161 performances in to our Sam Wanamaker Playhouse and Globe Theatre at our Bankside home. 161 performances filled with love, identity, justice, and revenge, as we’ve explored theatre’s power to convey the human experience.

We pay tribute to the incredible artists who have made an incredible season in our Sam Wanamaker Playhouse and Globe Theatre.

Our Winter 2021/22 season was built on faith, tenacity, hard work, talent, and a profound commitment to telling stories; and these labyrinthine plays – Measure for Measure, The Fir Tree, Hamlet, and The Merchant of Venice – offered us fresh perspectives in the hands of incredible human beings who know the power of nuance, dialogue, collaboration and compassionate action.

This season asked big moral questions and complexities, and allowed us to tackle them with heart, humour and humanity.

George Fouracres and the Globe Ensemble in Hamlet, directed by Sean Holmes. Photographer: Johan Persson

A man in a white shirt holding a candle and a man in a blue shirt looking towards him

Adrian Schiller and Ben Caplin The Merchant of Venice, directed by Abigail Graham. Photographer: Tristram Kenton

Our Winter 2021/22 season is dedicated to the memory of Hattie Ladbury who epitomised what theatre is all about: human connection.

Her performance [as the Duke] blazed with charisma, driving the show with wit, playfulness and anger… In rehearsal she was funny, practical and grounded. Then she would get on stage and knock you sideways with the scale of her feeling, and the truthfulness, energy and punch of her acting. She had a mercurial quickness and absolute precision. She combined a sharp eye for human folly with the courage to make herself vulnerable. She had effortless comic timing. Her performances fizzed

— Blanche McIntyre, Director of Measure for Measure

Hattie was an inspiring artist and human being, and we were blessed to have her on our stages. She was a light that shone to the end. Rest in peace dearest Hattie and thank you.

An actor wearing a vicar's habit stands on stage of the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, learning on a crutch and looking contemplatively up to the ceiling.

Hattie Ladbury as the Duke in Measure for Measure, directed by Blanche McIntyre. Photographer: Helen Murray

We also can’t let this moment go by without thanking our Season Saviours. Covid continues to present us with endless and often unpredictable challenges and disruption. Our Season Saviours stepped in, often at a moment’s notice, and with courage in their hearts they saw the story through to the end.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the following artists:

Andrew Buckley
Philip Cumbus
Ned Derrington
Steffan Donnelly
Guy Goodbody
Fiona Hampton
Beau Holland
Helena Lymbery
Stella Mansfield
Dave McEvoy
Blanche McIntyre
Hannah Morrish
Brendan O’Hea

Samuel Oatley
Thomasin Rand
Imogen Rhodes
Simon Scardifield
Eric Sirakian
Vanessa-Faye Stanley
Tom Stuart
Bea Svistunenko
Dickon Tyrrell
Tinks Walker
Ruby Webb
Jacoba Williams

Three actors stand on the Globe stage holding open umbrellas. Two are decorated with pink flowers, one with blue raindrops.

Bettrys Jones, Tom Stuart and Richard Katz in The Fir Tree, written by Hannah Khalil and directed by Michelle Terry. Photographer: Pete Le May

This weekend marks the end of a season that has united and inspired us. A season that we feared might never happen, and there were times when it nearly didn’t! But where there is a Will (no pun intended), there really is a way. From our Acting Company to the wonderful members of staff that make up the Globe Family, our magnificent Volunteer Stewards to you our audiences, we have a lot to be thankful and grateful for.

The rest is silence…