Shakespeare's Globe

A Mad World, My Masters [1998]

Written by: Thomas Middleton
Directed by: Sue Lefton

Old Sir Bounteous Progress will let Dick Follywit have none of his wealth unitl he dies, leaving the prodigal grandson no choice but to dream up trick after trick to cheat the old man of his possessions. Sir Bounteous' courtesan, Lady Gullman, passes herself off as a virtuous virgin in order to gain a husband. Master Shortrod Harebrain, obsessively jealous of his young wife, spys on her day by day and pays a watchman to do so by night. The only visitor he permits is Lady Gullman. Little does he suspect that she is busy soliciting his wife on behalf of the lecherous Penitent Brothel. In this mad world, nothing is what it seems...


  • Designer Kandis Cook
  • Composer Claire van Kampen


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