Shakespeare's Globe

Antipodes [2000]

Written by: Richard Brome
Directed by: Gerald Freedman

Peregrine Joyless has been driven mad with his obsession to travel the world and so his family bring him to London for help. A famous doctor sets about curing Peregrine by pretending to take him to the Antipodes - or the world upside down - where Lawyers beg not to be payed, deer pursue the hounds, women rule the men, and they keep their cats in cages from 'mice that would devour them else'.

This screwball comedy written by Ben Jonson’s manservant introduces the first practising psychiatrist on the English stage, offers many insights into the theatrical practises of Shakespeare’s age and demonstrates the therapeutic role of theatre itself.


  • Master of Music Claire van Kampen
  • Master of Dance Sian Williams
  • Master of Clothing and Properties Jenny Tiramani


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