Shakespeare's Globe

Antony & Cleopatra [2012]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Kemal Aydoğan
Translated by: Bülent Bozkurt

Part of the 2012 Globe to Globe Festival.

Performed in Turkish by Oyun Atölyesi, from Istanbul, Turkey.

In 1999, Haluk Balinger, an Istanbul star of stage and screen built the pioneering Oyun Atölyesi. It has since become the leading light of the Turkish theatre scene, staging a thrilling and diverse programme, including Timon of Athens, Macbeth and Othello. Haluk returns to the UK as Antony in this new production, which also features Zerrin Tekindor as Cleopatra, and Globe regular Kevork Malikyan as Enobarbus.


Antony, revelling in his affair with Cleopatra, neglects his Roman responsibilities, angering Octavius Caesar. When Antony’s wife dies, Cleopatra rejoices, but Antony’s desire for political advancement leads him to marry Caesar’s sister. The resulting fragile peace is short-lived as Anthony returns to Egypt, leading to a full-scale war.

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  • Designer Bengi Günay
  • Music Tolga Çebi
  • Lighting Design İrfan Varlı


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