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As You Like It [1998]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Lucy Bailey

Rosalind, the daughter of a banished duke, falls in love with Orlando at a wrestling match. Her usurping uncle, jealous of her popularity, banished her from the court. Disguised as a boy, she leaves with her cousin Celia and the jester Touchstone, to seek out her father in the Forest of Arden where he lives with the melancholy Jacques and other co-mates and brothers in exile.

Set in two contrasting communities of city and forest, As You Like It speaks eloquently of the transforming nature of theatre: the soulful characters journey from inner conflict, through engagement or retreat, to harmony and joy. It's on-stage wrestling match, abundance of song and sparkling conversation, make As You Like It one of Shakespeare's most enchanting and reflective comedies.


  • Designer Bunny Christie
  • Music Roderick Skeaping
  • Fights Terry King


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