Shakespeare's Globe


Cymbeline [2001]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Mike Alfreds

Hang there like fruit my soul, Till the tree die!


King Cymbeline has imprisoned his daughter, Imogen, and banished her husband, Posthumus, because he wished her to marry her step-brother, Cloten. Before leaving, Posthumus gives Imogen a bracelet to remind her of his love for her. When in exile Posthumus lays a wager on Imogen's chastity with his villainous friend Iachimo, who is determined to prove that she will be unfaithful.

Imogen is not seduced by his charms, but while she is sleeping, Iachimo steals the bracelet from her wrist. He presents it to Posthumus and so convinces him that Imogen has been unfaithful. Imogen escapes to Wales, disguised as a boy, to find Posthumus, and is followed by Cloten, who disguises himself as her husband. Confusion escalates before a divine power intervenes and all is revealed ...


  • Master of Play Mike Alfreds
  • Master of Clothing and Properties Jenny Tiramani
  • Master of Music Claire van Kampen