Shakespeare's Globe

Edward II [2003]

Written by: Christopher Marlowe
Directed by: Timothy Walker

Can Edward II live up to the legacy of his father, who conquered Wales and waged a war to annex Scotland?

The nobles of England think not. The King seems more interested in rewarding his male favourites, including the hated Piers Gaveston, than tackling problems at home and abroad. It is time for Edward to take the lead, but how will he respond when senior magnates, together with his wife Isabella, act to bring down the King’s circle of flatterers and favourites? And what will the consequences be for the King’s son and heir?


  • Masters of Clothing Jenny Tiramani & Imogen Ross
  • Master of Properties Jenny Tiramani
  • Master of Music Claire van Kampen
  • Master of Dance Sian Williams
  • Master of Fights John Waller & Jonathan Waller

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