Shakespeare's Globe

Henry IV: Part 2 [2012]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Rubén Szuchmacher
Translated by: Lautaro Vilo

Part of the 2012 Globe to Globe Festival.

Performed in Argentine Spanish by Elkafka Espacio Teatral, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Rubén Szuchmacher, one of Argentina's most influential and controversial directors, brings a new production of this elegiac and funny masterpiece. A celebrated defender of the theatre's freedom from the state, his work combines the richness of Shakespeare's texts with a simple theatrical aesthetic. His approach has won him great acclaim as one of the most admired Shakespearean artists in South America


Prince Hal and his father prepare to do battle with the Welsh rebels threatening the throne of England. As he becomes a better solider, Hal grows estranged from his boyhood friends, including the roguish John Falstaff, and, when his father’s death leads to his own coronation, Hal must choose to leave his rowdy past and the companions of his youth behind.

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  • Costume Designer Jorge Ferrari
  • Music & Sound Designer Barbara Togander
  • Lighting Design Gonzalo Córdova


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