Shakespeare's Globe

Henry VI: Part 3 [2012]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: John Blondell
Translated by: Dragi Mihajlovski
Adapted by: John Blondell

Part of the 2012 Globe to Globe Festival.

Performed in Macedonian by the National Theatre of Bitola, from Bitola, Macedonia. 

The third part of the Balkan Henry VI trilogy is infused with live music, as traditional Macedonian songs punctuate the bloody action. This grand drama of civil war is given new life for the Globe by the National Theatre of Bitola, who staged the first play in the Macedonian language following the liberation of the country from the Axis Powers in 1944.


As the War of the Roses rages, Richard, Duke of York, promises King Henry to end his rebellion if his sons are named heirs to the throne. When the King agrees, his wife, Queen Margaret, is furious he has disinherited her son, Prince Edward. York’s sons criticise the agreement, and convince their father to once again try to seize the throne by force. Weary with kingship and the tolls of war, Henry and his advisors try to quell the rebellion, while the sons of York fight for the throne.

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  • Set Design Valentin Svetozarev
  • Costume Design Blagoj Micevski
  • Composer Miodrag Nećak
  • Choreographer Risima Risimkin
  • Percussion Mitko Ivanovski
  • Piano Miodgrag Nećak

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