Shakespeare's Globe

Liberty [2008]

Written by: Glyn Maxwell
Directed by: Guy Retallack

Paris, 1793. The French Revolution is four years old when Gamelin, an ambitious young artist, discovers he has been made a magistrate for the ruling forces. Believing the Revolution divides the world between good and evil, he sees conspiracy and corruption everywhere. How strong will the ties of love and friendship prove when Gamelin is given power over life and death, as the new order plunges with terrifying momentum from high idealism to bloody mob rule?

Private jealousies and public fears, old alliances and new ideologies, panic legislation and political correctness all combine in this thrilling adaptation of Anatole France's 1912 novel Les Dieux ont Soif. The poet Glyn Maxwell (whose play The Lifeblood was British Theatre Guide’s Best Play at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2004) brings a colloquial verse of great fluidity and immediacy to a story that is both fresh and relevant.


  • Designer Ti Green
  • Composer William Lyons
  • Choreographer Paul Harris


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